For 75 years, the EFFE by Cattabriga has set the world's standard for artisanal gelatos and ice creams. It's perhaps the only ice cream machine that is backed by a long production history therefore it provides a significant element of guarantee in quality.


The very user-friendly EFFE machine allows its operator to make a difference in ice cream making in a unique way, made possible by this machine only. In fact, it gives them the opportunity to create flavors that are difficult to produce with other equipment.

The artisan gelato maker has the opportunity to experiment as much as he or she likes, adding ingredients such as almonds, nuggets, and chocolate as the ice cream is being produced, something impossible to do with a horizontal batch freezer.

The EFFE also offers many features to engage your customers, and it's more effective when the working area is visible by consumers.  With it, you can make an immediate impact communicating with clients; for example, if the consumer asks for pistachio but there isn't any left, you'll show it coming out of the machine in just a few seconds. As they see the fresh product, people will wait so they can taste the gelato straight out of the machine.

EFFE's costumers can choose to have the machine customized with their own logo for higher levels of communication and transmit the values that today's consumer appreciate most, like genuine raw ingredients, artisan production, and tradition and innovation together in the ice cream making process.

The EFFE can be set-up in a limited space with a limited investment. It can also be seen as an add-on to an existing small pastry or bakery business.

The EFFE's mission is to try to create a chain of happiness based on consumer's happiness. And happy consumers mean a happy, successful ice cream business.

After more than 75 years, the EFFE continues to be the most reliable ice cream machine in the field.

Dates of the course:

Italian Gelato: innovation and tradition in the world of handmade Gelato.

Three days of topics and hands-on experience in the world of the Italian way to produce handmade high quality gelato. The course is for the beginners and aspiring gelato makers with no knowledge of the gelato production. The main objective is to introduce to the gelato world with a professional attitude in order to produce high quality products.

The course will be held in English language Teachers: Maurizio Paci and Giacomo Schiavon

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